I made this cake for a friend’s 50th birthday party. It looks amazing and all the guests were very impressed!

I started with a  chocolate sponge 14-inch rectangle cake then had a crumb coating applied to it to help the fondant stick.  I made a shape of the basque on some greaseprooof paper and put this onto the cake then cut around it.  For the boobs I made two chocolate dome cakes using a small glass Pyrex bowl, which was buttered and floured very well to stop the cake from sticking.

Front view of cake

These were then trimmed and placed onto the main cake,  I manipulated them slightly to get the correct shape I wanted for the boobs.

I then coloured my fondant icing to  get a skin tone and this was then placed over the neck of the cake and the boobs.  The pink fondant icing was then put into place.  Then two small half-inch width strips of fondant were made to make the lace effect to go around the top of the basque by using a lace effect plunger.  The black lace was again fondant cut into thin inch-long strips and placed in a kriss cross pattern all the way down the centre of the cake as shown in the picure below.

For the wire effect on the basque or corset I used pink fondant strips using edible glue to attach them to the cake.  The overall was stunning and if you have a special person that would love this style of cake then get in contact with me. I have also created a red boob basque which can be seen on my website, which has a few extras on it.


About Creative Cakes by Kaz

I am a married mother of 3 children (all boys!) and live in Watlington, Oxfordshire. I have recently started making cakes for friends and family and have found that I love doing it. So, decided to start up and start selling my cakes. I now specialise in good quality, custom made cakes for all occasions, Anniversary, birthdays, christening and much more...I love designing, baking and icing cakes. Every cake is hand made and decorated to meet my customers individual needs.
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