My son was 10years old in November last year and for his Bithday cake he wanted a Puffle Cake.  So we had a chat about it and together we came up with this design.

Puffle cake

 The cake was a 14″ chocolate sponge cake with a fluffy chocolate buttercream filling.  I then covered the cake with black fondant icing. 

Cameron's Birthday Cake

My son had 6 Puffle pals coming round for his birthday and so wanted a puffle on his cake for each of them.  I obtained pictures of the puffles that were required and just copied them in fondant icing, which were then put onto the cake.

There were 2 white puffles, blue puffle with a ball, red puffle on fire, yellow puffle painting, green puffle with flying hat on and the red puffle with bowling skittles.

The cake was a great success and if you have any children that love Puffles and want a Puffle cake then get in touch with me.


About Creative Cakes by Kaz

I am a married mother of 3 children (all boys!) and live in Watlington, Oxfordshire. I have recently started making cakes for friends and family and have found that I love doing it. So, decided to start up and start selling my cakes. I now specialise in good quality, custom made cakes for all occasions, Anniversary, birthdays, christening and much more...I love designing, baking and icing cakes. Every cake is hand made and decorated to meet my customers individual needs.
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